Ferry Schedule: Thessaloniki to Peraia and Neoi Epivates (Update: Ferry Service to resume July 3, 2020)

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Thessaloniki has a beautiful waterfront but nowhere to swim.  However, just across the Thermaic Gulf are the beach communities of Peraia and Neoi Epivates, popular with locals and foreigners alike.  It’s not Halkidiki, but nice enough if you just need a day to unwind from the city and don’t have a car.  Getting to them by bus, though, can be a bit slow, especially if traffic is bad.  Luckily, there are two ferry companies, Karavakia and Poseidon Waterways (Service Suspended) that shuttle bathers between Thessaloniki and the beaches daily.  Poseidon Waterways also continues on slightly farther to Agia Triada (Service Suspended).

Thessaloniki’s White Tower

You can take either ferry from the White Tower or the Port of Thessaloniki at the end of the pier just past the Kitchen Bar (a lovely place to have a freddo espresso while you wait).

The beach at Peraia

Boats are now leaving generally from the port first (unless otherwise noted below) before stopping at the White Tower. On weekends and holidays its a good idea to come early so that you are assured a ticket.

The trip costs €5 and takes about 50 minutes. You can also buy 10 trips in advance for  €25. Below is the complete schedule for both ferry companies:

From White Tower / Port of Thessaloniki

09:30 – Karavakia

12:00 – Karavakia

14:30 – Karavakia

17:00 – Karavakia

19:15 – Karavakia

From Neoi Epivates / Peraia

10:45 – Karavakia

13:15 – Karavakia

15:45 – Karavakia

18:00 – Karavakia

20:20 – Karavakia

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17 thoughts on “Ferry Schedule: Thessaloniki to Peraia and Neoi Epivates (Update: Ferry Service to resume July 3, 2020)”

    1. The current schedule should be accurate through September. They may have limited service in the winter months. I think it depends on demand. I will update the schedule if there are any changes.

    1. Hi Ben,

      Most likely yes, but it will depend on the weather and demand.They may also scale back the number of departures. I’ll update this page if I hear of any changes to the schedule.

    2. Hi Ben,

      Just received confirmation that the ferries are shutting down for the Winter, so there will be no service in November.

      The Travelingi

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