Five Surprisingly Pleasant Cities to go for a Run

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I’ve mentioned in the past that for the digital nomad jogging is probably the best way to stay fit on the road. Unfortunately, most cities aren’t designed with the sport in mind. Even a city like Berlin, home to one of the most famous marathons out there, can be a pain to run in if you find yourself in the wrong part of town. So the below list of five cities might come as a surprise to those looking to hit the pavement.

5) Beirut, Lebanon

Jogging isn’t probably the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Beirut. The crowded, polluted, and chaotic city might make you want to head to the gym at first glance, but Beirut actually has a number of nice running spots. For starters, there is the Corniche, a 5KM promenade running along the sea in the center of the city. Also near the center is Horsh Park, an enjoyable green space for shorter runs. And while many of Beirut’s side streets are narrow, some of the downtown area is closed to traffic.

4) Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires’ main drawback is its pollution and traffic, but it does boast a large number of parks that are frequented by joggers. By far, the best place to run in the center of the city is along the posh Puerto Madero area and the Reserva Ecologica nearby. For shorter jogs, the area around the capital building or Parque San Martin will suffice. Arguably it’s the north of the city that garners the best running routes in the Bosques de Palermo.

3) Tokyo, Japan

It might be a megacity with some of the highest urban density in the world, but Tokyo is a wonderful place to run. Besides the area around the Imperial Palace and Yoyogi Park, the best places for a jog are in the south of the city, notably the Tamagawa River Trail. Even if you find yourself in a highly urbanized area, rapid and frequent public transportation makes it easy to get to a far-flung running spot without difficulty. But most importantly, Tokyo is just a downright beautiful place.

2) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is known for a lot of things, but running is probably not one of them. That’s a shame because, despite its humid climate, there are actually quite a few places to jog in KL. The central part of the city is full of parks, including KLCC Park’s kilometer long rubberized jogging track and the 170 acre Perdana Botanical Gardens. South of KL, the Putrajaya area offers wide avenues and waterways with ample space for running, while in the north, one can use a dedicated running path at Kepong Metropolitan Park or head for the hills of the Bukit Lagong Recreation Forest.

1) Moscow, Russia

It might come as something of a shock, but Moscow is an astonishingly friendly place to run in despite the fact that the sport has not really caught on here. One of the greener cities in Europe with a multitude of large parks, it is a snap to escape the traffic. Even jogging on the streets doesn’t usually break up a run thanks to large city blocks and underground passageways below avenues. An added bonus is the extensive system of sports tracks to work out on, a relic of the Soviet era. The only real drawback is winter, which tends to make running problematic from the end of November through March.

Any unique cities that you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comment section!

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One thought on “Five Surprisingly Pleasant Cities to go for a Run”

  1. Perhaps you should include Portland Oregon. With at scenic trails along the Willamette river and multitude of jogging and bike paths throughout the area.
    Also I would suggest Vancouver British Columbia particularly Stanley Park.

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